Maurice of Montpelier Terrace

I chanced upon this old picture just now. It was taken in Brighton in 1989, and it shows me with Maurice, a gorgeous Burmese cat who was a resident of the basement flat in which I lodged for a while, in Montpelier Terrace. This photograph was taken in the little yard at the rear of the property, from which Maurice frequently tried to escape.

Burmese are wonderful cats, very talkative and full of personality, but their claws are like needles!

9 Responses to “Maurice of Montpelier Terrace”

  1. Anton Garrett Says:

    Burmese are seriously intelligent. Did he deign to give you a hand with the physics?

  2. having followed you a while, nice to know you’re in my home town – you’re better looking now!

  3. SandraFromAcrossTheChannel Says:

    If you like cat breeds with big personalities, you should try
    Bengals……..entertainment guaranteed !

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