Royal Institution: Crowdfunding the opposition?

Not long ago I posted an item about the Royal Institution’s daft attempt to trademark the title “Christmas Lectures”. Here’s a possible way to challenge it, suggested by fellow astroblogperson Dave Clements…

Disturbing the Universe

Having had further discussion with my friend the IP lawyer, it seems the chances of invalidating the RI’s trademark claim on Christmas Lecture are rather good. But there would be costs and the need for a contingency if it goes to court and the RI win and are awarded costs.

So – anybody interested in crowdsourcing the costs? A sum of about 3k would be needed.

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5 Responses to “Royal Institution: Crowdfunding the opposition?”

  1. Chris North Says:

    Did you see the RI “climbdown”?

    PDF letter here:

    Click to access Christmas%20Lectures%20trademark.pdf

    • telescoper Says:

      I don’t think it’s a climbdown at all – it now looks like they want to take credit for other people’s work…

    • Which says:

      it came to our attention that others could themselves apply for a registered trademark

      Now it would be silly if someone else trademarked the term and prevented the RI from having the traditional Christmas lectures. Whether this was really a danger, I don’t know.

      • telescoper Says:

        I’d be happy if they trademarked “Royal Institution Christmas Lectures”….

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