And the nominations are…

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of handing out an award. I even got to say “and the nominations are…” before reading out the name of the lucky winner. This was all part of a little event to celebrate “Commit to Get Fit“, a challenge run by Sussexsport which involved staff from all over the University embarking on a range of physical activities and which ran throughout May.

Anyway, staff taking part were encouraged to keep a blog about their experiences using the University’s SPLASH resource and it was my duty to present a prize on behalf of the jury. There turned out to be over 200 individual posts, which meant a lot of work reading them in the days leading up to the ceremony. As it happened, the prize for the best blog series was actually awarded to Gemma Farrell from the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences (MPS), of which I happen to be Head. But it wasn’t a fix. Oh no…

Here’s me presenting the treasured brown envelope to Gemma.


Anyway, the whole CTGF campaign seems to have gone off pretty well. Maybe I’ll even take part myself next year, as opposed to sitting on my backside reading blog posts…

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