Moonrise, Hernandez

During the late afternoon twilight of November 1st 1941, 72 years ago today, renowned American photographer and environmentalist Ansel Adams took this wonderful photograph of the moon over Hernandez, New Mexico. It’s such a celebrated image that it even has its own wikipedia page, but because it seems to fit the theme of this blog I couldn’t resist sharing it here:


Click on the image for higher resolution

4 Responses to “Moonrise, Hernandez”

  1. Grandpa Boris Says:

    There are several versions of this print made by Adams himself. Some have a larger moon, and in some the moon position differs. There is even a print where _two_ moons are in the sky. An expert on such matters (an art historian who owned a gallery focused on photography) claimed that there was no single negative that contained the entire image. It is a composite. No amount of darkroom development manipulation could produce the tonal range of the image from what a “natural” exposure would give. I don’t remember if she ever claimed to have gotten Ansel to admit to this.

    • telescoper Says:

      I didn’t know that, but I did know that there are major inconsistencies in his account of what he did, some of which are discussed in the wikipedia article I linked to. It’s still a beautiful image though, however it was made.

  2. The versions differ only in tonality and visibility of the upper clouds. Thats because the photograph was printed by several assistants and Adams himself, in a timespan of more than 35 Years. Adams strictly denies the theory of double exposure.

  3. Chris Hutchinson Says:


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