The Ashes: an Apology

In common with much of the professional sports media, this blog on a number of occasions has given the impression that England’s cricket team boasts excellent team spirit, a strong batting line-up and powerful bowling attack so, as a consequence, has a realistic prospect of retaining the Ashes on their current tour of Australia.

In the wake of their humiliating defeat in the First Ashes Test in Brisbane, however, I realise that this opinion was misguided and in fact they are poorly prepared, lacking in determination and confidence, their batting is flimsy and prone to collapse, and their bowlers ineffectual and unconvincing.

I would like therefore to apologize for having misrepresented the situation and for any inconvenience caused by this error.

Geoffrey Boycott is 73.

3 Responses to “The Ashes: an Apology”

  1. Anton Garrett Says:

    Bowling is OK, batting continues systematically to underperform all down the order. Sack our batting coach.

    Botycott is 73 NOT OUT… his best comment on this was along the lines “82 pages about what to eat but they can’t face a 90mph fast bowler…”

  2. Perfect – except Our Geoffrey needs to be 133 not out (or so having batted since the dawn of time)

  3. There are still major question marks hanging over three of our (Australia’s) top 7 – Rogers, Watson and Bailey. We are at least as prone to collapse. Cook, Pietersen and Bell had a below-average test but are unlikely to have a below-average series. Johnson is famously hot and cold. Your bowlers need an extra gear, and Swann needs some overspin to get dip and bounce. I’m encouraged by Brisbane, but not celebrating just yet.

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