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10.30. So here I am, then, in Brighton on the morning of Christmas Eve. I have a flight from Gatwick Airport to Newcastle later this afternoon. The problem is that after last night’s storm there are no trains from Brighton to Gatwick. Today may therefore turn out to be something of an adventure. On the other hand the railway network does seem to be gradually recovering from flooding and fallen trees so perhaps all will be well before I have to leave. If not, I suppose I’ll just have to get a taxi to the airport, which may prove a tad expensive…

I’ll update this during the day in moments of heightened tedium.

11.50 Brighton station. The only way to get to Gatwick from here is to get a train to Haywards Heath, then a bus to Three Bridges, then another bus to Gatwick Airport. I told you it would be an adventure..

12.15 So the train to Haywards Heath was cancelled. A hastily-arranged taxi share ensued, and I’m now en route to Gatwick in a cab.

13.15 Made it to Gatwick. Some massive queues around the place probably because of problems at the North Terminal. The South Terminal isn’t particularly busy and I got through security quickly. Now having a beer and a spot of lunch!

14.45 Why do you have to show your boarding pass to buy a newspaper in Gatwick Airport?

21.15 Well, my battery went flat so I couldn’t update about how FlyBe sent us to a gate but didn’t provide and personnel to process us onto the plane, thus resulting in an hour’s delay while the plane and flight crew sat outside on the tarmac. Or the white knuckle landing in strong cross winds. Anyhow, I arrived just an hour late and have had a nice meal and a drink so am now filled with Christmas cheer..

So I wish you all a very Merry Christmas as I sign off for a couple of days of food and festivities!

23:43 And only now have I realised that I’ve left all the presents I bought in my flat in Brighton…

4 Responses to “Yule Travel Blog”

  1. The BBC is reporting that the North Terminal at Gatwick has been affected by flooding, and that there is flood water immediately adjacent to the runway.

  2. Nothing compared to my recent arrival at the Texas Symposium. I only got there more or less on time at all because I had planned to get there a day early. After landing in Detroit, I learned that the fastest route to Dallas was via Atlanta (perhaps appropriate for a relativity conference). Since I had last been to Dallas, commuter trains had been introduced, so I planned to use those. But, even though it had been about 25 Celsius a couple of days before, an ice storm stopped all the trains. There was a bus going from train station to train station, which would take much longer than the train even in good weather, but with the ice this was extremely slow. A driver had been called in who had never been in that part of Dallas before (fortunately some passengers could tell her where to drive). It took me about 6 hours to get from the airport to downtown.

  3. Bryn Jones Says:

    When going away for Christmas, I always travel before Christmas Eve following experiences 15 years. On that occasion a severe storm hit Britain, worse than today. My early afternoon train crawled through Herefordshire and Shropshire, getting into Crewe very late. Nearly all train services from Crewe had been suspended because the gales had brought down electricity cables, and a tree blocked the line I needed to take. The replacement bus service did not arrive until the late evening and I did not arrive at the destination until two o’clock on Christmas morning. And then the gales had brought power lines down so that everywhere was in darkness.

    So I now travel before Christmas Eve, to give some ability to change plans if problems appear possible.

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