Boxing Day in Warkworth

So the traditional Boxing Day spin around Northumberland took place this year in very nice weather (for change). Here are a few pictures of Warkworth Castle..

Incidentally, the decaying wooden structures that you see in the foreground of the last picture are the remains of disused coal staithes that were used to transfer coal onto ships. Amble (where the picture was taken from, with Warkworth Castle in the distance) was once a fairly busy coal port serving numerous local collieries, including Broomhill, Radcliffe, Shilbottle, Widdrington, Whittle, Togston and Hauxley. All are now closed and the harbour at Amble is now only used for fishing and leisure craft.

3 Responses to “Boxing Day in Warkworth”

  1. Mick Kenyon Says:

    Next year you should push on a bit and walk from Embleton (the golf club is fine for food) to Dunstanburgh.

    Happy 2014 đŸ™‚ and thanks for the informative posts.

    • We were thinking of going to Dunstanburgh along the coastal path from Craster but the castle was closed so we went to a pub instead.

  2. […] Here’s a closer view of Warkworth Castle from 2013: […]

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