Book Review: Cosmology: A Very Short Introduction by Peter Coles

Here’s a review of my book “Cosmology: A Very Short Introduction” that I found a couple of days ago. I’m reposting as an excuse to remind folk that a new edition will be out later this year, or as soon as I’ve finished writing it, because my proposal has been formally approved by Oxford University Press.

The Alethiophile

It is rare for me to walk into a bookshop and walk out again without buying at least one book; more often than not, it’s two or three at a time. This was one I picked up in the summer when I went to visit the royal observatory and national maritime museum in Greenwich, as there was an exhibition on at the latter which was on the subject of cosmology. There were various options open, though I chose not to get the enormous hardback book full of images from the Hubble space telescope.

For those of you who are unaware, I studied maths at university, with a particular emphasis on mathematical physics. In my first year, I took a free elective module in cosmology. So while I do review this book as an expert in the field, I do review it as an informed and educated amateur.

Of all branches…

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6 Responses to “Book Review: Cosmology: A Very Short Introduction by Peter Coles”

  1. Anton Garrett Says:

    Not a Very Short Review! Best of luck with a fine book which will need rewriting every few years…

    • telescoper Says:

      FYI I’ve decided to do a complete re-write rather than just updating the later chapters as I’d originally suggested. That way people who bought the first edition will hopefully feel it worthwhile to also buy the second…

  2. Be sure to send a copy to The Observatory in order to get it reviewed in “the most human of all professional scientific journals” (according to McCrea). Since there is some delay between writing and publication in such an old-school journal, if you get the publisher to send an advance-reading copy, then the review could appear about the same time as the book.

    I highly recommend The Observatory, not just for its famous reviews of all manner of astronomical books. What is more, there is FREE – yes, FREE – subscription to all postgraduate students in astronomy or closely related subjects in UK universities.

  3. Phillip Helbig Says:

    “a new edition will be out later this year, or as soon as I’ve finished writing it”

    Has the new edition appeared?

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