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Sayonara, Nagoya

Posted in Biographical on January 19, 2014 by telescoper

So here I am, then, in Nagoya Airport (also known as Central Japan International Airport). Managed to get here via subway and train on my own and in good time, so I’m sitting having a coffee in the terminal building and wondering whether to buy any over-priced tat in the Duty Free shops.

Nagoya Airport is on an artificial island, actually, which means that I can see water all around from the departure lounge.

It’s been a fascinating and enjoyable trip. I’d like to thank my host, Chiaki Hikage, for all his help and hospitality.

It’s just after 9am here, which means just after midnight back in Blighty. The flight to Frankfurt arrives at 15.30, which means the whole 12 hour trip will be in daylight. Could be a bit strange!

Looking out I see that the incoming flight has just arrived, at the same time as the one that brought me here, and right on schedule. Travelling by a combination of Japanese and German transport definitely seems an efficient choice!

Signing off now. Hopefully my next post will be from Brighton!