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Coming out as a scientist

Posted in Education, LGBT, The Universe and Stuff with tags , on February 14, 2014 by telescoper

So here I am sitting in the library at Burlington House, the Royal Astronomical Society Council meeting I was attending having just finished slightly ahead of schedule.

I only have time for a brief post, so I’ll take the opportunity to direct your attention to an interesting piece in the Grauniad by Tom Welton. Tom is Professor of Sustainable Chemistry at Imperial College. He was also a contemporary of mine in old Sussex days. He was doing a PhD in Chemistry in MOLS while I was doing mine in Astrophysics in MAPS. Come to think of it we both did DPhils actually.

Anyway, Tom’s piece is related to something I blogged about a while ago (being a gay scientist) but he turns it the other way round and writes about how the difficulties of coming out as a scientist to your gay friends..