A Bit of Green Trivia..

Following on from yesterday’s post about George Green, I thought I’d add this little bit of Green trivia.

George Green’s sponsor and patron  was the mathematician Edward Bromhead, a Baronet and member of the landed gentry of the county of Lincolnshire. Two generations later in the Bromhead family you will find a certain Gonville Bromhead (presumably named after Gonville & Caius College, the Cambridge college that both Edward Bromhead and George Green attended). As a young man, in January 1879, Lt. Gonville Bromhead fought in the Battle of Rorke’s Drift. Almost a century later he was played by Michael Caine in the film Zulu.

Not a lot of people know that.


3 Responses to “A Bit of Green Trivia..”

  1. Apparently your Gonville Bromhead was named after the first baronet, Edward’s father, whose first name came from his mother’s maiden name; she was the daughter of the last male-line descendant of the Edmund Gonville, founder of Gonville College (later Gonville & Caius). So there you go.

  2. Next Friday (14th March) is Michael Caine’s birthday, a day he shares with other greats, including Jasper Carrott, Billy Crystal, Pam Ayres, Einstein and me.

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