That Fishy Saying of Einstein…


There are two interesting things about the above Einstein meme that has been doing the rounds. The first is that there’s absolutely no evidence that I can find that Albert Einstein ever said the words attributed to him; that’s also true for the vast majority of Einstein quotes, in fact.

The other interesting thing (and I risk being labelled a pedant here) is that there are species of fish, such as the Mangrove Rivulus, that really are able to climb trees…

4 Responses to “That Fishy Saying of Einstein…”

  1. Probably the best source of genuine Einstein quotes is The Ultimate Quotable Einstein ( – and, indeed, this quote does not appear in it.

  2. In that case it would be Einstein that was stupid (in zoological terms)

  3. Peter – celebrate the fact that you’re a pedant 🙂

  4. Oh, and I should add that Einstein was wrong on another count. There really are some stupid people. Michael Gove springs to mind……

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