Bach – Vivace!

I heard a recording of this movement from Trio Sonata No. 6 in G Major by J.S. Bach this morning on BBC Radio 3 and thought it was so lovely I couldn’t resist finding a version of it to post on my own organ, as it were. This, the first movement, appropriately enough marked Vivace, has a bouncy exuberance that I find totally wonderful. I hope you like it too.


4 Responses to “Bach – Vivace!”

  1. A trio sonata for one instrument (the organ)? This is possible because each of the two manuals and the pedal are treated as independent voices.

    Legend has it that the young Bach went ahead and learned the pedal voices (of others’ works, not his own!) before his legs were long enough to actually reach the pedals; when he grew large enough, he didn’t have to learn them but could play them straight away.

    Legend also credits Bach with saying that the organ is a wonderful instrument since all one has to do is press the right key at the right time and the instrument plays itself.

    • telescoper Says:

      This piece has a wonderful blend of patterns in the different parts – lovely rolling figures like the left hand of a boogie-woogie pianist and bouncing intervals like Harlem stride. It’s so rich and joyful that it must be amazing fun to play, although tricky. You must get a lot of exercise playing the organ like that!

  2. Ton Koopman—saw him a couple of years ago together with Albrecht Mayer. What a combination!

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