World Twenty20 Cricket Poll

Following their comprehensive defeat to The Netherlands (yes, The Netherlands) today in the World Twenty20 Cricket after already having been knocked out of the competition, it seems appropriate to conduct an opinion poll on the subject of the performance of the England cricket team:




10 Responses to “World Twenty20 Cricket Poll”

  1. Anton Garrett Says:

    If you set up one of these polls, can you tell who has voted which way?

    • telescoper Says:

      No, the poll itself is hosted on another site, PollDaddy, so I don’t know who is voting or even the IP address.

  2. England didn’t too badly: you should allow for the strength of the Netherlands. Sorry – which sport was this?

  3. 7. About as poor as Australia.

  4. You can imagine how much fun it is to be a British expat living in the NL today. The shame, the shame….

  5. The best performance so far has been that of India with no loss yet and Australia’s was the worst for some strange reasons that I don’t know. Saw all the matches live on and honestly there were some really remarkable matches played in this series like Pak Vs WI and SL Vs Pak and even Ind Vs Aus.

  6. While I have affection for some things in Blighty, it is not for all traditional English things. If you are not familiar with modern beat combos, then consider the following gem, found at

    I’m terribly sorry It’s been around for years and I didn’t know until this week. Michael Gove, the controversial British secretary of education, confessed in the Mail on Sunday last weekend that he had a soft spot for contemporary eccentric music and was addicted to chap-hop. This has been described as a mixture of hip-hop, steampunk and affectionate ridicule of traditional English obsessions such as cricket, tea and the weather. “Chap-hop artists,” the Guardian commented, “rap about anachronistic British stereotypes in received pronunciation, often while smoking pipes and playing the banjolele”. Chap-hop artists — frightfully nice chaps, one and all — include Poplock Holmes, Professor Elemental and Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer. The genre is linked to a magazine, The Chap, and to Chappism, whose followers advocate dressing well, wearing hats and moustaches, and drinking fine beverages. If you detect the influence of Wodehouse, the Goons and Monty Python, you’re on the right lines.

    Read more:

  7. I am also following all the matches on and I thought England were not that bad. Seems like all the teams are out of form this year, of course with the exception being Team India. Good luck team India! Let’s win this world cup 🙂

  8. “Chap-hop artists rap about anachronistic British stereotypes in received pronunciation, often while smoking pipes and playing the banjolele.”

    Splendid, I say, splendid!

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