Another Travelblog

Once again I find myself on a Late Western train from Paddington to Cardiff. I was going to travel after work yesterday, but it was such a busy day that when I finished all I had to do about 6.30pm I was too tired to face the four-hour-plus journey. I hadn’t had time to stop for lunch either, so decided dinner in Brighton followed by an early night was a better plan.

Anyway so ends the penultimate week of teaching term; one final push and we’ll be into the Easter holidays, at which point I’ll actually be taking a short break myself, despite the apparently widespread belief that a Head of School is not allowed to take a holiday.

Twelve-week teaching terms are a hard slog, but on balance I much prefer not having to take a break part-way through, which tends to happen when Easter happens earlier in the year.

On Wednesday this week we had the termly meeting of Senate; next week there’s a cluster of end-of-term events, including two staff-student balls (one for Mathematics and one for Physics & Astronomy; naturally I have to attend both). There’s also our final UCAS Applicant Visit Day on Saturday 12th, which promises to be very busy especially if the weather stays fine…

This weekend, before all that, I’ll be relaxing in Cardiff and possibly recovering from the event I’ll be attending tonight at which I hope to see quite a few old friends. More of that anon, perhaps.

In the meantime, as the train trundles towards South Wales, I think I’ll have a short snooze. I hope I don’t miss my stop!


4 Responses to “Another Travelblog”

  1. D R Lunsford Says:

    You white-on-black blog is unreadable. There is a reason paper is white and text is black. It literally gives my eye strain trying to get through one post.


    • telescoper Says:

      There are also blackboards and white chalk. This blog has had the same style for 5 years. I have >1500 readers per day and I’ve only ever had two complaints about the text (including yours). I have no intention of changing it.

  2. D R Lunsford Says:

    A chalkboard is not black. Even dark gray is a huge improvement.


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