Ship Ahoy!

When I was on the way home yesterday evening I was a bit surprised to see a warship, apparently belonging to the Royal Navy, seemingly  at anchor off Brighton beach:


Sorry it’s not a very high resolution picture, but the vessel was some way off and I had to zoom on my phone camera to get anything at all. When I was at school I was in the Navy Section of the Combined Cadet Force (CCF) and could identify all types of Royal Navy vessels from their silhouettes. But that was a long time ago and my eyesight isn’t what it was. Neither is the Royal Navy for that matter; the fleet is not only much smaller now but also comprises very different types of ship. Gone are the Type 21 & 22 frigates and the Type 42 destroyers I would have had no problem picking out!

Judging by the size I thought it might be a frigate of some sort, but the shape didn’t fit any I could identify. Then the tall mast amidships made me think it was a Type 45 Destroyer, but it looked a bit small. Or had I judged the distance incorrectly? But no, there didn’t seem to be enough superstructure to the aft of the mast so it couldn’t be a Type 45.

Turning to Twitter for help, it was quickly identified as a River Class Patrol Vessel. What she was doing there, or indeed which ship it was, remains a mystery. Perhaps someone from the blogosphere can enlighten me?


2 Responses to “Ship Ahoy!”

  1. Jon Roberts Says:

    A look at the Shiplotter site ( suggests that it’s HMS Severn, previously recorded on Saturday in Plymouth. Often used for fishing protection.

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