The Cake Equation

Yesterday being the last Friday of the month of May it was time for another tea-and-cake event in the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences. These provide an opportunity for staff to get together and chat while demolishing a specially-themed cake. The cakes themselves are organized by the inestimable Miss Lemon and I never know what the theme is before the goods arrive, so I have to ad lib a short introduction (for just a minute, without repetition, hesitation, deviation or repetition) before cutting the cake.

As you will observe, this time the (Lemon Drizzle) cake was decorated with the Dirac Equation (which I consider to be the most beautiful equation in physics)..

5 Responses to “The Cake Equation”

  1. George Jones Says:

    I assume the cake was soon annihilated.

  2. Anton Garrett Says:

    Was there a corresponding anticake?

  3. An interesting application to the Icing model.

  4. Years ago at Berkeley, we had a cake for Joe Silk’s 50th birthday with a plot of the CMB angular power spectrum on it, including, of course, the Silk damping part.

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