Beards, Shorts & Sandals Code for 2014 Season

The Beard, Shorts and Sandals season is officially open and I’ve been observing the relevant guidelines rigorously today…

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Beard Liberation Front

Communique 1st June


The Beard Liberation Front, the informal network of beard wearers, has said that as June starts it is issuing a reminder about the code for the 2014 Beards, Shorts and Sandals season which runs until the end of August.

Adherence to the guidelines is important if the beard wearer is to safely wear shorts and sandals in public during the summer months

2014 Code

1] Shorts and sandals may be worn after midday until 8pm at the discretion of the wearer.

2] Where sandals are worn the wearing of socks is discouraged but not forbidden

3] If socks are not worn toenails must be neat, trimmed, clean and fungus free

4] Shorts should ideally be around knee length to provide a balanced image with the beard

5] Shorts should be of conservative design and colour…

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One Response to “Beards, Shorts & Sandals Code for 2014 Season”

  1. 1: All day, assuming I am wearing anything at all.

    2: OK. Usually without, but sometimes with.

    3: Certainly. Is there anything in the universe worse than nail fungus?

    4: If my beard is longer than average, can the shorts be shorter than average?

    5: Usually, but due to laziness, not design.

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