The Theatre – by Rik Mayall

Rest in Peace, Rik Mayall (1958-2014).


4 Responses to “The Theatre – by Rik Mayall”

  1. I am very sad.

    • telescoper Says:

      Yes, I was shocked to hear of his death yesterday. He was only 56. A great loss. I remember watching the clip above on the TV during the early 80s. Genius.

  2. James Gallagher Says:

    This was very sad. Peter is such a nice man to make a post about it – many of us who felt “revolutionary” in the 1980s will now be grown up and aware of our own mortality. Youth is such a short lived luxury – aarrrghh!

  3. Richard Turner Says:

    It’s extremely sad and awful news. The genius on display here is all Rik’s fantastic comedic skill, but forgive me for pointing out that the title should read “Theatre, by Rik Mayall and Richard Turner.

    For confirmation, check the Alternative Comedy book “Didn’t You Kill My Mother-In-Law?” by Roger Wilmut, p56.

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