I know this old record is a bit crackly, but just listen to the voice! This is the wondrous Kirsten Flagstad, recorded in 1948 with Gerald Moore on piano, singing Träume, the last of the five Wesendonck Lieder by Richard Wagner.

As a person Wagner was definitely a complete shit, but you have to admit he wrote some beautiful music. Perhaps there really is some good in every person…

3 Responses to “Träume”

  1. D R Lunsford Says:

    I go back and forth with him – in a way it is musical porn 🙂 It’s impressive even if you aren’t into it.


  2. Armolodico Says:

    It’s not completely true that Wagner was a complete shit. He was lights and shadows. He was also a simple person. And, about his antisemitism, he gave to perform his very high opera, “Parsifal”, at a jewish conductor (Hermann Levi).

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