Welcome Reception

So I made it to Talinn, where it is fairly cold and rainy, for the IAU Symposium No 308 on the Zel’dovich Universe . Here is the description of the conference from the website

It will be 100 years since the birth of Yakov Zeldovich, whose seminal work paved the way towards a theoretical understanding of the complex weblike patterns that have been observed in our Universe.

Impressive progress of observational studies, of modelling and simulations and of analytical work has led to revolutionary new insights into the structure and emergence of the Cosmic Web. With the coming years marked by major observational developments – in terms of large new telescopes, instruments and corresponding versatile surveys – and with the continuing growth of computational resources, the window will be opened towards understanding the dynamics and observing the evolution of cosmic structure.

The symposium will focus on the subject of the structure, constituents, properties, dynamics and analysis of the cosmic web in the large-scale cosmic matter and galaxy distribution. The symposium will synthesize the insights obtained from many different observational and theoretical studies and set out the lines for the major upcoming scientific programs that will not only extend our view over a far larger fraction of the visible Universe but also allow the systematic investigation of the evolution of cosmic structure.

I’m looking forward to the meeting, which starts properly tomorrow morning but it was nice to have a reception event this evening to welcome those of us who made it to Estonia in time. Thp ere was plenty of wine on offer, and I had the chance to meet up with quite a few people I haven’t seen for ages:


First impressions of Estonia are that the word for “Taxi” is “Tacso” and the word for “Big Bang” is also slightly different:


Other than that the natives seem friendly and my hotel, though inexpensive, is positively luxurious. The crucial challenge, however, is the quality of the breakfast, which will have to wait until tomorrow morning!

4 Responses to “Welcome Reception”

  1. Michael Kenyon Says:

    What was the breakfast like, or did you have a late night and miss it?

    • telescoper Says:

      It was excellent, actually, although the sausages tasted a bit funny. When I asked for tea instead of coffee, the waiter asked if I wanted “horrible”. I said no, English breakfast. Turns out he meant “herbal”.

      • I fail to see any difference between the two. 😐

        “Tea” is a specific plant. Calling beverages made from other plants “tea” is like calling something made out of soybeans a “steak”. It just ain’t right.

  2. Peter, you need to update your affiliation in your Gravatar profile.

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