IAU Symposium 308 – Conference Photo Caption Competition

Regular readers of this blog (Sid and Doris Bonkers) will recall that I recently attended IAU Symposium No. 308 in Tallinn, Estonia. To prove that I didn’t make it all up, here is the official conference photograph.

iau308 conference_photo 1 lres

You can see me three rows back on the right-hand-side of the picture; you can click on the image to make it largely should you wish. Behind me and to my left as I look at the camera you will see the esteemed cosmologist Carlos Frenk wearing an unusual facial expression.

I wonder if anyone might like to suggest an explanation for Prof. Frenk’s behaviour by way of a suitable caption for the photograph?


12 Responses to “IAU Symposium 308 – Conference Photo Caption Competition”

  1. “I thought this was choir practice.”

  2. It’s nice that you and Carlos coordinated outfits

  3. George Jones Says:

    I agree with Phillip; it looks like he is singing.

    If the picture had been taken at CERN, and if it is actually a yawn, then “Catching some z’s.”

  4. Bryn Jones Says:

    Carlos Frenk was astonished that Peter Coles had shrunk.

  5. Phil Uttley Says:

    David Walliams finds himself in a room full of cosmologists?

  6. Bryn Jones Says:

    Carlos Frenk fought hard to control his pogonophobia.

  7. Perhaps something like this was going on?

  8. George S. Williams Says:

    “Could we take it again? I think I yawned…”

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