Sleep well last night?

We had a spectacular thunderstorm over Brighton last night. I do love a good thunderstorm. Although I enjoyed the show, I didn’t get much sleep. Judging by the following graphic from BBC Weather, I’m not the only one…


8 Responses to “Sleep well last night?”

  1. Daniel Mortlock Says:

    I too was woken up by lightning strikes that, judging by the ~1 second delay between the flash and the whiplash crack of thunder, were too close for comfort . . . and certainly too close to sleep through.

    • telescoper Says:

      I had instantaneous flashes and bangs; I think the steeple of the church at the end of my street was hit. I knew I wouldn’t sleep, so got up and watched for at least 40 minutes, watching the show and enjoying the sound and smell of the rain through the open windows.

      Incidentally, there’s a lovely word for the smell of rain on dry earth:

  2. Peter Main Says:

    Slept through it all myself but if you want a real time map try

  3. Holy Thunder:
    God almighty crack;
    Charged up the pole,
    And fried my equipment;
    Called Optus. #truestory

  4. Anton Garrett Says:


    In the early days of car alarms one went off in a street quite close and didn’t stop for hours. It must have wrecked the sleep of quite a few people. I found the solution was to turn on a detuned radio so that it hissed, ie put out all frequencies at random relative phases, and turn the volume up till it just drowned out the irritating frequency-specific tones of the alarm. The omnifrequency hiss is much easier to sleep to, at least in my case. Or try a fan heater set to cold, in which case the noise of the fan might do the trick. I hope this helps!

    • telescoper Says:

      It’s strange what keeps people awake and what does not. I remember being unable to sleep one night in the flat I rented in Cardiff for a time before buying my house. There was a persistent though not very loud scraping noise. It got on my nerves primarily because I couldn’t identify it. I got up several times to see where it was coming from but failed until I made a cup of tea and looked out the window. Outside the block of flats was a flagpole; the line for hoisting the flag had come loose and was scraping against the pole. The noise didn’t diminish but as soon as I knew what it was I went straight to sleep.

      Compare that with the Hurricane of 1987 which devastated Brighton. I slept all the way through that!

    • Anton Garrett Says:

      Were you actually in Brighton at the time?

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