Back in Blighty

So here I am then, back in Brighton. My flight yesterday actually arrived 20 minutes early at Heathrow with (astonishingly) no air traffic delays at all. I got a nice aerial view of London on the way in too! Despite the usual congestion at passport control, barely three hours later I was back in my flat drinking a nice cup of tea. I did tube+train this time, as I would have had to wait an hour for the next coach..

I enjoyed my little trip to Copenhagen, as I do every time I go there. Thanks to the Niels Bohr Institute for inviting me!

Anyway, now there’s the rest of the bank holiday weekend to relax and catch up on the crosswords…

5 Responses to “Back in Blighty”

  1. brissioni Says:

    There’s no place like home.

  2. Anton Garrett Says:

    I infer from the pic that you flew back into Heathrow (that’s the London Eye at top right) and that the wind was westerly.

    • telescoper Says:

      Well done, Sherlock.

      Yes, we came in under a fairly low cloud ceiling with showers all around but the cloud was just high enough along the flight path to get a good view of the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace etc.

      • Anton Garrett Says:

        I once flew over Lords about half an hour before start of play. It ws easy to find from the circle that is Regents Park. I think I’d have been able to recognise which end the bowling was from.

      • Anton Garrett Says:

        Did you spot the trained cormorant?

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