Laniakea – Our Local Supercluster

My week of self-imposed isolation is almost over so I suppose I should try to re-acclimatize myself to the world (or at least the world of the internet)  by doing a quick post of a nice video. I remember Brent Tully talking at the conference I went to in Estonia earlier this summer about the work he has been doing with his collaborators on using the local peculiar velocity field to map structures in the galaxy distribution. Now the paper is out in the journal Nature. Laniakea is the name the group chose for the local supercluster which has been known about for some time, but this work provides a more detailed map. The name Laniakea means “immeasurable heaven” in Hawaiian, from “lani” for ‘heaven’ and “akea” for ‘spacious’ or ‘immeasurable’.  Rather disappointingly it has nothing to do with Ikea, so sheds little light on my own theory of the Universe.


One Response to “Laniakea – Our Local Supercluster”

  1. A layman’s question follows: Does this/could this work say anything about the distribution of dark matter (whatever it may be) in the the local supercluster? (A search for ‘dark matter’ in the paper didn’t turn up anything)

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