Bagaglio Mancante

I should have known something would go wrong.

When my flight landed at Gatwick yesterday, I was quickly off the plane, through passport control and into the Baggage Reclaim. And there I waited. My baggage never arrived.

After almost an hour waiting in vain went to the counter and filed a missing baggage report before getting the train back to Brighton.

By then my phone battery was flat but the charger was in my lost bag so I was unable to receive the text message I was told I would get when my bag was located. This morning I had to buy another charger and when I recharged my phone I discovered the bag had arrived at London Gatwick at 0800 this morning and a Courier would call to arrange delivery.

Great, I thought. Gatwick is only 30 minutes away from Brighton so I would soon get my stuff.

Wrong. Using the online tracking system I found the bag had been sent to Heathrow and had sat there until after 2pm before being loaded onto a vehicle for delivery.

There’s nobody answering phones at the courier company so I guess I just have to wait in the flat until they decide to deliver it.

I don’t know how BA managed to lose a bag on a direct flight in the first place, but their idiotic courier has added at least half a day’s delay in returning it.

UPDATE: My bag finally arrived at 1940. It seems it was never put on the plane I flew on.


2 Responses to “Bagaglio Mancante”

  1. Very glad you got it back though, Peter!

  2. Adrian Burd Says:

    My best story about baggage and airlines occurred when I went to Palmer Station in Antarctica a few years ago. The research vessel leaves from Punta Arenas, so I took a Delta flight from Atlanta to Santiago in Chile, and then an internal flight from Santiago to Punta Arenas. I arrived in Santiago but my baggage didn’t. Since the boat was leaving on a tight schedule, I had to spend an afternoon shopping for essentials (thankful for the assistance of local employee of the USAP whose help was invaluable), though a lot of clothing I could check out from the US Antarctic Program. So I spent about 2 weeks without razor, laptop charger, etc. etc. It turned out that the bag arrived about 12 hours after we left the dock, so it was waiting for me when we returned.

    The best part was on my return to Atlanta when I went into the office to complain about the baggage. I relayed the information I had been given by the Delta person in Santiago, that the bag had actually gone to Providence Rhode Island, not to Chile at all. First, the Delta person in Atlanta tried to fob me off by saying that it was the Chilean airlines fault since they were the last carrier in my trip to Punta Arenas. When I insisted that it was Delta’s fault because the bag had gone to Providence from Atlanta. I was basically called a liar by the Delta folk, because apparently Delta didn’t even fly there.

    After half an hour of this, I eventually persuaded the Delta official to check the electronic tags. After several minutes of messing around on their computer I was greeted with the satisfaction of seeing the expressions of befuddlement, and then abject horror cross her face as first realized that I had been right all along, and then that she had been so dismissive of what I had said had happened. In fact it was worse than I had thought, because the bag had basically sat in Providence for about 36 hours AFTER Delta had been informed that it was there instead of in Santiago.

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