Research in Modelling Ocean Systems

Time to do a favour for an old friend of mine (who was in fact a graduate student at Sussex at the same time as me, back in the 80s, and is an occasional commenter on this blog), Adrian Burd. Adrian moved to the US of A some time ago and now works on Oceanography (that’s Wave Mechanics, I guess..). Anyway, he now has an opportunity for a PhD student which is suitable for a candidate with a background in Mathematics or Physics. Since I’m Head of the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, I thought I’d put the advertisement up on here and see if there are any takers. Looks like an interesting one to me!


You can download a pdf of the flyer here.

Please direct any queries to Adrian!

3 Responses to “Research in Modelling Ocean Systems”

  1. I worked in the forerunner of this group in Bremen for a while back in the 1990s; at least then it was concerned mainly with paleoceanographic modelling. If you like Fortran, this is the place for you. There are many former astronomers working in this field, probably because there are more jobs than in astronomy. The desire to understand global warming better has increased the funding in this area. The day-to-day work is similar: data, modelling of data, programming, etc. I really enjoyed my time then. It would have been relatively easy to make a career of it, but idealism kept me in cosmology. Of course, the Earth is a planet, and Milankovic cycles are an obvious overlap between climate and astronomy. At the low level, ocean modelling is quite similar to modelling galaxy formation, say.

  2. Adrian Burd Says:

    > now works on Oceanography (that’s Wave Mechanics, I guess..

    I do recall getting reprint requests from the Institute of Quantum Oceanology (or something similar) back when I was doing cosmology. If memory serves it was from a Russian Institute looking at quantum mechanics and the translation got rather garbled.

    I suppose that those little reprint request cards are a thing of the past now.

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