In Praise Of The Oldie

Feeling the effects of advancing years, and ahead of another weekend out of circulation, I purchased a copy of the December edition of The Oldie last week to help pass the time. I heartily recommend this magazine to readers of a certain age for its eclectic mixture of articles, cartoons and, best of all from my point of view, a splendid crossword (set by Antico). In fact there are two crosswords, a tricky thematic cryptic puzzle called Genius, and a straightforward definition puzzle, namely, a little harshly, Moron. For the December edition there was a bumper-sized Genius puzzle which took me a good hour to solve, a distraction that I found most welcome. I’ve posted off my solution already in the hope that I can win another dictionary to add to my collection.

The Christmas OLdie also included a calendar which is already hanging on my office wall. Here is a cartoon from the calendar, which tickled me because of its topicality and operatic connection:



I’ve decided to take out a year’s subscription, so I hope they’ll forgive any copyright infringement involved in including that cartoon!

6 Responses to “In Praise Of The Oldie”

  1. My Oldie mother introduced me to this top of the shelf magazine a few years ago. I wouldn’t be without it now …. and I’ve also got the calendar up in my office! My favourite cartoon is the one with Adan and Eve and the Apple (laptop)!

  2. “I heartily recommend this magazine to readers of a certain age”

    Is it compatible with reading The Chap?

  3. Anton Garrett Says:

    As well as Private Eye or instead?

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