Geography Quiz


The above map of England and its regions is accurate apart from one detail. The first person to point out the deliberate mistake wins a year’s membership of the Ipswich Town FC Supporter’s Club, valid for the rest of the year 2014.

5 Responses to “Geography Quiz”

  1. The Isle of Man, since it is not even part of the UK, cannot be part of England, much less the Midlands.

    Do I win again?

  2. You’ve borrowed a perfectly good LP map and added misleading colors, labels, shapes, and arrows to it which make it seem that a narrow region is broad and broad regions more specific, possibly referencing something I don’t know about in astronomy or cosmology but definitely vindicating Alfred Korzybski re maps in general.

  3. Roger Butler Says:

    Stonehenge seems to have drifted north east somewhat.

  4. Anton Garrett Says:

    On the map, Shropshire is a bit too far south and Tyne is not spelt with a capital T. (And Newquay is not brown…)

    • telescoper Says:

      These are all true but not what I was looking for.

      The answer on the card is that “Newcastle upon Tyne” should not be hyphenated…

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