TED is a God Damn Cult

While I’m in lazy reblogging mode I thought you might like this enjoyable rant against the Cult of TED..

Be Young & Shut Up

Stop. Just stop. Just stop sending me TED Talks to watch. I hate them and they are stupid. This whole “ideas worth spreading” thing is actually a bunch of empty feel-good nonsense which replaces critical thought and serious learning with the warm fuzzy feeling of a guru telling you that it’s all like, okay, man.

maz jobrani Do you mean to tell me that I can’t cite Maz Jobrani in my bibliography?

Aiming the old crosshairs at TED almost seems like picking a target which is too easy. It’s basically a gathering where a bunch of pseudo-intellectual bourgeois assholes come to listen to self-satisfied pseudo-intellectual bourgeois asshole celebrities tell us how great they are. A shocking number of TED Talks really are just celebrities telling us their life stories. But it’s never Noam Chomsky or Ha-Joon Chang or Arundhati Roy or Amartya Sen or Tariq Ali or someone else whose life’s work…

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