Fox News Facts on Twitter

The following clip comes from a broadcast on Fox News:

The fact that Steve Emerson’s statement was laughably exaggerated and based entirely on ignorance (in this case of the city of Birmingham) comes as no surprise. After all, this was Fox News – a channel whose drivel-mongering is often beyond parody. It did however provoke two things that were surprising, at least to me.

One was something that is a rare commodity these days: a full and unreserved apology:


It’s better not to say stupid things in the first place, but credit to him at least for doing the right thing. I gather he has made a donation to a children’s hospital in Birmingham. So there’s that.

The other surprising thing was what happened on Twitter. Some genius had the idea of setting up a hashtag called #FoxNewsFacts. The consequences were hilarious, as hundreds of people contributed tweets lampooning Fox News for its ignorance of the United Kingdom and of Islam. You can find some of the funniest ones here.

I even contributed a few myself. This one proved a particular hit:

There was also this:

and this

But my favourite was this:

I thought it was wonderful how Twitter users responded in such an imaginative, light-heartedly humorous, and sometimes downright surreal, way to something which could instead have produced pure bile. Twitter isn’t always like that, but yesterday it was a delight on a dark and stormy evening and a welcome change of mood after the depressing events of the last week. And I’m glad to say #FoxNewsFacts is still trending…so it’s not too late to have a go yourself!

2 Responses to “Fox News Facts on Twitter”

  1. Anton Garrett Says:

    “tweets lampooning Fox News for its ignorance of the United Kingdom and of Islam.”

    The comments about Birmingham are nonsense, the comments about London are a gross exaggeration of the fact that a few Muslims did try this on the streets of east London: see

    from which the following quote is drawn:

    “Sharia patrols, also referred to as Muslim patrols or Modesty patrols, involving a group or several groups of young radical Muslim men, members of an organisation self-named the Shariah Project, have patrolled streets in East London since at least early 2013… They targeted prostitutes, people drinking alcohol, couples who were holding hands, women whom they considered to be dressed immodestly, and harassed others whom they perceived as being gay.”

    It is not hard to find their threatening exchanges with passers-by on YouTube. On this occasion the police did not turn a blind eye in the name of “community cohesion” (as too often) and arrests were made.

    What errors of fact about Islam, rather than about the UK, did Fox make?

  2. Bryn Jones Says:

    The #FoxNewsFacts Twitter response to the silliness on Fox News was mostly very funny. It was, perhaps, a particularly British way of responding to something.

    However, it was, in my view, not as amusing as the #18thCenturyDailyMail of a couple of years ago. That showed a lot of intelligence.

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