Found in Translation…

A nice surprise was waiting for me when I arrived at work this morning in the form of a parcel from Oxford University Press containing six copies of the new Arabic edition of my book  Cosmology: A Very Short Introduction. I think I’ve put them the right way up. I was a bit confused because they open the opposite way to books in English, as arabic is read from right to left rather than from left to right.


Anyway, although I can’t read Arabic it’s nice to have these to put with the other foreign editions, including these. I still can’t remember whether the first one is Japanese or Korean…






…still, it’s interesting to see how they’ve chosen different covers for the different translations, and at least I know what my name looks like in Russian Bulgarian!

4 Responses to “Found in Translation…”

  1. Ian Douglas Says:

    Korean. ‘What is Cosmology’. I wish I could say I knew that myself, but in fact I asked an app on my phone.

  2. When I worked with Joe Silk many years ago, he had a bunch of different translations of his book The Big Bang on his shelf. I particularly remember “O Big Bang,” which I liked to imagine was the libretto for the musical version, but which turned out to be the Portuguese translation.

    • Anton Garrett Says:

      Libretto for the Big Bang would be short. But FORTISSIMO.

    • It certainly was an exciting time to be there.

      I don’t know who that student would be. I’m quite sure that it wasn’t from Joe’s group — assuming, of course, that it wasn’t Max himself!

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