Uncovered cricket pitches: the degree syllabus

Interesting proposal from Keith Flett for a new module for university students on uncovered pitches in cricket. My own view is that the syllabus on this fascinating subject should also discuss the physics behind the variable bounce and turn such pitches produced.

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Uncovered pitches: the degree Syllabus

cricket pitch

In its issue of 21st January 2015 the Times Higher reported that the University of the Highlands and Islands is to offer a degree in professional golf.

I responded that it was surely time to offer a degree in cricket too (28th January 2015).

Subjects covered could well include the Laws of Cricket, the history of the game (a very substantial subject in itself) Gentleman v Players and class in cricket, Race and Imperialism in cricket. There is also scope for modules on cricket management and coaching and like many degrees no doubt students would select those areas of most relevance to their interests and future careers.

One area that must certainly should be covered however is that of Uncovered Pitches.  To mark the start of the English cricket season and indeed the start at nearly the same time of a West Indies…

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2 Responses to “Uncovered cricket pitches: the degree syllabus”

  1. Anton Garrett Says:

    You also want a cricket literature module and a cricket statistics module.

    Pitches moved to be covered for the obvious reason that people did not appreciate paying gate money to watch grass dry after a rain shower. But it changed the balance between bat and ball. Tweaking the laws so as to maintain that balance, as other things such as pitch covering, type of soil and type of grass, ball seam design etc, all vary, is what wise administrators should do – and keep on doing.

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