A Problems Class in Complex Analysis

My theoretical physics examination is coming up on Monday and the students are hard at working revising for it (or at least they should be) so I thought I’d lend a hand by deploying some digital technology in the form of the following online interactive video-based learning resource on Complex Analysis:


3 Responses to “A Problems Class in Complex Analysis”

  1. Anton Garrett Says:

    Was it Feynman who said that he’d never found a contour integration that couldn’t be evaluated by judicious differentiation under the integral sign?

    Don’t mention the singularity!

  2. David Crawford Says:

    Having just watched the movie I found this to be hilarious.

  3. Anton Garrett Says:

    To enjoy this it helps not to understand German. The trouble is that I’ve watched so many variants that I know the German almost by heart and it is stirring memories of my O-level.

    I still think the best was Gordon Brown losing the 2010 election.

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