Dust, by Phyllis King

I do not know what dust is.
I do not know where it comes from.
I only know that it settles on things.
I cannot see it in the air or watch it fall.
Sometimes I’m home all day
But I never see it sliding about looking for a place to rest when my back is turned.
Does it wait ’til I go out?
Or does it happen in the night when I go to sleep?
Dust is not fussy about the places it chooses
Though it seems to prefer still objects.
Sometimes, out of kindness, I let it lie for weeks.
On some places it will lie forever
However, dust holds no grudges and once removed
It will always return in a friendly way.

by Phyllis April King

2 Responses to “Dust, by Phyllis King”

  1. Hi Phyllis, hope you and Anna are both well and enjoying lockdown life under a COVID sun as much as poss.I recently unearthed an old cassette tape Anna had made for me in the early ’80’s of two album treasures from Robert Wyatt which needless to say brought back a host of memories from London life.Well there was the initial connection and following one thread after another and discovering that Ivor had died over a decade before… a voice was saying “make contact with Phyllis and Anna”. Not sure if this will find its way to you but if perchance it does, then to say how much i enjoyed hearing (again, after many many years) you read “Dust” under the banner of that B&W Youtube still of you and Ivor.
    Deborah and i living in Devon these many past years with sad to say much dust settling on my osteopathic practice presently (soon to change I’m sure).
    Would be lovely to hear from you and Anna if either of you have the time or inclination and do a little life sharing. Completely understand if this is difficult.
    With warm and fond regards
    Louis x

    • Hi Louis
      My name is Andrew Hickman.
      I would very much like to contact Anna K. I knew her during the 80’s when we were neighbours at Bonnington Square.
      Do you have her e-post address? Mine is swedentaiko@gmail.com
      I would so appreciate your help. I moved to Sweden in1985 and have No way of communicating with Anna.

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