Brighton Pride

Today I’ve been mainly taking part in the 25th Brighton Pride celebrations. The Parade started out 90 minutes late and on a diverted route because of what appears to have been a hoax bomb (in the words of the police, a “suspect package” – no jokes please) but the atmosphere was incredible. Not only was the parade huge, but the streets were lined with thousands and thousands of people. It was all very friendly so my worries that my fear of crowds would resurface were unfounded.

I walked with the Sussex University student society. Hopefully next year there will be an official staff presence!

The Pride Carnival in Preston Park after the Parade wasn’t so interesting for me so I only stayed a couple of hours before returning to Kemptown for the Village Party, which will go on all night and all day tomorrow. I am just taking a break for a cup of tea and a bite to eat before deciding whether to rejoin the party a bit later. I am however a bit oldy for that sort of thing and may instead decide to listen to the Proms instead..

Anyway, here are a few pictures of the parade and village party..









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