Widening Participation in Physics

Following on from a provocative post I wrote a couple of weeks ago on this blog (which was subsequently reblogged by the Times Higher), I was contacted by Paul Crowther who sent me a copy of the slides used by Peter Main of the Institute of Physics in a talk in May 2015 on the subject of Widening Participation in Physics. With Peter Main’s permission I’m sharing those slides here as a service to the Physics community. There’s a lot of interesting information in these slides, which I think many UK physicists would be interested in.

2 Responses to “Widening Participation in Physics”

  1. Please repeat my test !!!

    THEORY :
    James Clerk Maxwell, in 1861–64, published his theory of electromagnetic fields and radiation, which shows that light has momentum and thus can exert pressure on objects.

    SI units :
    ENERGY/SPACE = [ Joul / cubic meters = Newton *meter / cubic meters = N/m^2 ]


    How big force is registering left /right wall ( intensity ? )
    1 NOT EXIST C+V !
    2 where 3D signal started?
    3 where are walls ?

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