Hat and Beard

I haven’t posted much Jazz recently, and was reminded of this fact when I listened to the following track on my iPod yesterday while travelling back from Cardiff to Brighton.  Hat and Beard is an original composition by one of my favourite jazz artists, saxophonist Eric Dolphy and was written in honour of another of my favourite jazz artists, Thelonious Monk, who not only sported a splendid beard but also had a famously eccentric taste in headgear…

hat and beard

Anyway, Hat and Beard is taken from the pioneering free jazz album Out to Lunch. This album is without doubt one of the high points of 1960s avant-garde jazz, primarily because of Dolphy’s extraordinary playing (in this case on bass clarinet) but also because of the brilliance of the other musicians: Freddie Hubbard on trumpet; Bobby Hutcherson on vibes; Richard Davis on bass; and the superb Tony Williams on drums (who was only 18 when this track was recorded).

4 Responses to “Hat and Beard”

  1. Phillip Helbig Says:

    I first ran across Dolphy’s name because a good friend used to be a fan of Frank Zappa (not sure if he still is), who has a piece entitled “The Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue”.

  2. Phillip Helbig Says:

    Obviously an invitation for me to show off my own hat and beard.

    I’ve had people introduce themselves to me because they recognized my name from my comments here on this blog. (Obviously, possible only* when wearing a name tag, which I normally don’t.) If I make my current appearance known, I am sure to be overwhelmed. 🙂

    *As the baboon said to the bishop.

  3. Are there any recordings of Monk performing Dolphy’s “Hat and Beard”? I would love to hear it. The songs “Brilliant Corners” and “Hat and Beard” have spent a lot of time in my head

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