Honeysuckle Rose

Not too well today – and ridiculously busy – so I thought I’d post a brief pick-me-up by the “King of Swing”.  I remember that my Dad – who was a semi-professional Jazz drummer – wasn’t all that keen on Benny Goodman’s clarinet playing, which he regarded as “too clinical”. In fact many jazz writers also refer to Benny Goodman as “unemotional”. I can’t agree – the clarinet on this track is absolutely sensational to me, and I find it a joy to listen to over and over again. And if that wasn’t enough for a three-minute 78 there’s also a fine solo from pioneering electric guitarist Charlie Christian and Cootie Williams on trumpet on this big band version of Fats Waller’s familiar composition Honeysuckle Rose.


3 Responses to “Honeysuckle Rose”

  1. Anton Garrett Says:

    Whoever could claim that Sing Sing Sing was unemotional? Perfectly obviously it positions itself as the music that your parents didn’t want you to listen to in that era.

    • telescoper Says:

      If you’re referring to the classic Carnegie Hall version then I’d say that Benny Goodman was great, but Jess Stacy’s piano solo really made that performance buzz!

  2. Phillip Helbig Says:

    “there’s also a fine solo from pioneering electric guitarist Charlie Christian”

    Some claim that he was actually the first to play a guitar solo in anything like the modern form.

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