The bizarre naked man orchid

Tired after a long afternoon on Senate, I lack the energy to do a proper blog post so I thought I’d just reblog this. I suppose it follows on from my Anthropic Principle item!

p.s. The word “Orchid” is derived from the Greek word for testicle. I just thought you would like to know that.

Why Evolution Is True

Let’s finish the week not with a cat, but a plant. This one, the “naked orchid” or “hanging naked man orchid,” is a real species, Orchis italica.


There’s a reason they aren’t called the “naked hanging woman orchid”:


Don’t ask me the adaptive significance, if any, of this shape. Maybe there’s some insect that has a search image for men?

To see nine more bizarre flowers, many of them orchids, go here.

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3 Responses to “The bizarre naked man orchid”

  1. That etymological remark sounds like bollocks to me

  2. BurntSynapse Says:

    The root has to be the reason, since the man in the petals is wearing a rather sensible, UV-protecting hat.

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