Away Days

No time to blog today as I am at yet another Awayday. In fact I will be Away for Two Days.


Can anyone name my location (in the photograph above)?

10 Responses to “Away Days”

  1. Anton Garrett Says:

    St Andrews?

  2. Phillip Helbig Says:

    Your location in the photograph above? You’re standing behind the camera. 🙂

  3. Cole’s Castle (2 days only)

  4. Wiston House. Recently there for a party; maybe you can fit one in between your away days.

  5. somewhere built on a site which had been high status since at least ~C12-13 – given the proximity of the (ex?) parish church.

    • telescoper Says:

      Actually an entire village was destroyed in order to build the house, but that was in the 16th century…

      • Pevsner claims the church walls are C13/C14, but with a style which in this area could be C11 [later ruined by the victorians] with the house being c1575, almost all rebuilt in c1830… but surely it sits on a site of something before C16?

      • telescoper Says:

        Yes, the manor church dates back to the Domestic book. There was a small village on the site until the inhabitants were turfed off their land and the big house built in the 16th century.

  6. […] Colin correctly spotted, the venue was Wiston House which is near Steyning, North of Shoreham, in West Sussex. The house […]

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