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A Wet New Year in Cardiff

Posted in Uncategorized on January 3, 2016 by telescoper

I haven’t been too well for the first few days of 2016, and haven’t been out much since New Year’s Eve. It’s been chucking it down most of the time anyway! I was feeling a bit better this morning and there was a gap in the rain so I went for a walk and did a few errands.


The River Taff is swollen because of the rain. Those are small trees partly submerged in the foreground, so the river is up about a couple of metres. There’s no imminent danger of flooding. I have seen it much higher than this. There seems to be more rain in store though.

I’m travelling back to Brighton on Tuesday barring any problems with the trains. I have a lot to do when I get back to the office. I have to lecture again next term, but there’s also an important grant application to put together, not to mention the official launch of the Open Journal..