Peace Piece

By way of an interlude in this busy period as term gets back underway I thought I’d post this beautiful track by the great jazz pianist Bill Evans. I remember reading somewhere that Bill Evans recorded this right at the end of a session, in 1958. It was unrehearsed, entirely improvised and done in one take. It’s based on a simple two-chord progression that subsequently appeared in Flamenco Sketches, one of the tracks on the classic Miles Davis album Kind of Blue. To my ears, Peace Piece is more redolent of the composition style of Erik Satie than any other jazz musician I can think of. Although it starts out very simply it becomes more complex and fragmented as it develops, and makes effective use of dissonance in creating tension to contrast with the rather meditative atmosphere established at the beginning. Anyway, this is one of my all-time favourite tracks by one of my all-time favourite jazz musicians so I hope you don’t mind me sharing it on here.




4 Responses to “Peace Piece”

  1. brissioni Says:


  2. “It was unrehearsed, entirely improvised and done in one take.”

    The same is true of the famous “dance of death” scene at the end of Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal. The film was literally in the can, and most of the actors had gone home. One morning, Bergman so a marvelous sky which he thought should be in the film. So some of the technical crew got into the actors’ costumes, and this scene—probably one of the most iconic in all of film—was shot on the spur of the moment, in one take, with no rehearsal, with people who weren’t even actors. I think this is what Pasteur was referring to when he said that luck favours the well prepared.

  3. Beautiful. Actually it reminds me a bit of Rachmaninov’s Prelude in D, Op 23 no 4.

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