Statement on the Litvinenko Case

Yesterday while I was at the Winter Graduation ceremony, one of the esteemed  Emeritus Professors in the Department of Physics of Astronomy, Norman Dombey, recorded two TV interviews about the Alexander Litvinenko case. Professor Dombey was an expert witness who contributed evidence to an inquiry that concluded that Mr Litvinenko was deliberately poisoned with radioactive Polonium, and that his murder was probably explicitly authorised by Vladimir Putin.

One of the interviews took place outside the Department:


The other was filmed in my office while I was on graduation duty.

In case any KGB agents are in the habit of reading this blog, I wish to point out that the use of my office by Professor Dombey should not be taken as evidence that I endorse the conclusion that Vladimir Putin ordered the assassination of Mr Litvinenko. Even if that is probably the case.



One Response to “Statement on the Litvinenko Case”

  1. Peter – remember that it was actually MI6 who poisoned him and then spread Polonium across central London while following the two Russians and all over those BA flights to Moscow… so apparently its not the KGB you need to be concerned about. Ian

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