Hit and Run in Brighton

I was having a drink with friends on campus last night and the subject came up of a terrible hit-and-run incident in Kemptown on 14th July. I hadn’t heard about it until then. The location of this incident was Montague Place in Kemptown, which is due a couple of hundred yards from my flat . The police issued a video obtained from CCTV cameras and appealed for witnesses. Apparently this bore fruit and two people were arrested yesterday. Rumours are circulating that the car involved was stolen.

I’m including the horrific video here. The man who was hit suffered serious head injuries, but is apparently recovering well. He’s extremely lucky to have survived. If you watch the video I’m sure you will agree that he is very fortunate. Please be aware that this is extremely shocking to watch so don’t click it you’re squeamish. I’m showing it here because it’s a graphic illustration of what a speeding car can do to a human being. Cars frequently travel at ridiculous speeds around Kemptown. This is what can happen when people drive like maniacs.

If the persons arrested are guilty I hope they get very severe punishment.


12 Responses to “Hit and Run in Brighton”

  1. So painful to watch and relieved to know that the man hit is on the mend. May justice be done.

  2. It is impossible for the driver not to notice that the person was hit. Even if the pedestrian did not have right if way, presumably the law requires all witnesses, including the driver and other occupants of the car, to help the injured or at least summon police, paramedics, etc.

    This morning, on the way back from driving my son to school (there is a neighbourhood school within walking distance, but due to his autism he goes to a school in the next town), there was a sudden queue on the motorway. I noticed three cars stopped on the side of the road, with blinkers. I soon saw the reason: some mammal (probably a fox or a deer) had been hit and killed and was lying on the motorway. A fox in the dark is much harder to notice than a human in daylight, but nevertheless it was obvious that something had been hit.

    • telescoper Says:

      I agree. Moreover, in the longer version of the footage released by the police it is quite clear that the car slows down after the impact and someone looks through the back window to see what had happened. The car then speeds off. The driver clearly knew he had hit a person and made a conscious decision to leave them for dead. This shows a callous disregard for human life.

      There were pedestrian witnesses but they all seemed totally stunned by what they had seen. As I would have been.

  3. I saw this too. Horrifying to watch, though tempered by knowing the poor man lived. I hope he recovers, but it’s hard to imagine there won’t be permanent consequences from his injuries.

    Assuming those arrested were guilty, I hope the persecution is successful. People who can are insane enough to drive at those speeds, and callous enough to not even stop and call an ambulance, desperately need removing from behind the wheel of a car.

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