Three Years On…

I realised last night that today, 31st January 2013,  marks the third anniversary of my last day in the School of Physics & Astronomy at Cardiff University. That was on a  Thursday and I was frantically finishing off marking examination scripts before leaving for Brighton in time to start on Friday 1st February 2013 . The first big meeting I had to attend at Sussex was the following Monday (4th February), the Senior Management Group.

This time round it’s a bit different. Despite it being a Sunday I’ve been in the office writing examination papers rather than marking scripts. I’ve also been preparing for a big meeting I have tomorrow – the culmination of the annual planning round, which involves important strategic discussions about the future of the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences. After that, from 4pm to 5pm, I have my first lecture of the new term, Theoretical Physics for 2nd year students in the Department of Physics & Astronomy. I suspect after that I will be quite knackered.

The School has changed a lot in the three years I have been here, with many new staff and others to follow, along with an ever-increasing numbers of students and ever-increasing workload to go with them!

Anyway, there’s only two years left of my 5-year term as Head of School. I’ve already decided that I won’t be seeking re-appointment. In any case a new Vice Chancellor will be joining the University sometime this year and there’ll probably be a lot of reorganization when that happens.

I wonder where I’ll be three years from now?



3 Responses to “Three Years On…”

  1. enchantment9 Says:

    Just a thought.. But I kind of believe everything for each individual is already mapped out, in a preordained way. What’s meant to happen does etc. That’s not an excuse but it appears this way.. 😊

  2. “I wonder where I’ll be three years from now?”

    Wherever you may be, presumably you’ll be blogging, listening to some jazz, maybe having a smoke and/or a glass of stronger stuff, and perhaps doing a bit of cosmology. Keep the priorities straight!

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