75 Years of the Maltese Falcon

The other day I came across the interesting news that my favourite film, The Maltese Falcon, directed by John Huston, is being shown in “movie theaters” around the United States on 21st and 24th February to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the film’s release. The choice of dates is a little odd because the film actually premiered in October 1941, but I presume the timing is dictated by business considerations. Although I have seen this film many times on TV and on DVD I have never seen it in a cinema, and I hope there is a possibility I can do so somewhere in the UK this year. Here is the original trailer as shown in cinemas back in the day. I imagine that the sizeable frame of Sidney Greenstreet made quite an impression on movie-goers as he loomed out of the darkness!


One Response to “75 Years of the Maltese Falcon”

  1. Anton Garrett Says:

    I’ve had good news like this too – my own favourite film, the 6hr silent epic about Napoleon’s rise made by French director (and remarkable cinematic innovator) Abel Gance in the late 1920s – is at last coming out on DVD later this year. The British Film Institute archivist Kevin Brownlow made it his life’s work to restore this film after seeing bits of it as a teenager (Gance destroyed the masters in despair once talkies arrived), and the first reconstruction was in 1980 with a live orchestra and a score based largely on Beethoven. I was there and have seen it like that several times since, but more bits have come to light in the last 35 years. There is an American DVD with a different and inferior soundtrack, parts missing and at the wrong speed, so the new DVD will be definitive. Quite simply, there is nothing like it.

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