It’s Mental Health Awareness Week


I will just add a comment of my own. No job is worth risking your mental health for. Nor is anything else for that matter.

For further information see the Mental Health Awareness Week website.

8 Responses to “It’s Mental Health Awareness Week”

  1. Very necessary advice. School exams are beginning – no problem for most but stress does not sit well with vulnerable children.

  2. Thanks Peter,

    Going thru quite a crisis at home at the moment with a loved one suffering from depression – very very good advice.

  3. Rachel Coombe Says:

    Agree about job and studies – concerns me the pressure that is placed on children and young students now . Not only are they expected to be brilliant academically but find the time to volunteer and excel at hobbies as well .

  4. Reblogged this on Disturbing the Universe and commented:
    Wise words

  5. George Jones Says:

    “Talk about your feelings.” But don’t talk to your peers if you’re a student experiencing depression.

    One Canadian university had a depressed student sign a gag order,

  6. Bryn Jones Says:

    “No job is worth risking your mental health for.”

    Maybe not, but we should remember that very many people have little choice over what jobs they do. Many others find it impossible to find work. There is often little choice about work.

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