Jazz and Physics

No time for a full post today, so I’ll just share this intriguing picture I found on the interwebs of two great figures from very different fields: Jazz trumpet legend Louis Armstrong and pioneering quantum physicist, Niels Bohr.


When I first saw this I assumed it had been photoshopped, but I’m reliably informed that the picture is genuine and that it was taken in Copenhagen in 1959. Other than that I know nothing of the circumstances in which it was taken. I’d love to hear from anyone who knows the full story!

2 Responses to “Jazz and Physics”

  1. Anton Garrett Says:

    This is surely another of Peter’s Lookalike features, showing quantum legend Louis Armstrong and pioneering trumpeter Niels Bohr.

  2. Copenhagen has a long jazz tradition, so no surprise that Satchmo was there. It is also not uncommon for physicists to be interested in music, or even play themselves. Famous people use their fame to meet other famous people, so again no surprise.

    In situations like this, the biggest surprise for me, at least for stuff more than a decade old or so, is that photos were made at all.

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