The EU Referendum – “Dishonesty on an Industrial Scale”

This short talk, by Professor Michael Dougan of the University of Liverpool Law School, has been widely circulated but I thought I’d nevertheless share it here as it explodes many of the untruths circulating about the European Union. There’s far more useful information in this than anything produced in the official campaigns on either side, so whether you’ve made your mind up already or not, please have a look..

7 Responses to “The EU Referendum – “Dishonesty on an Industrial Scale””

  1. Michael Kenyon Says:

    It’s a very persuasive argument but I’m still 50/50. The big thing for me is TTIP which some say will be more catastrophic for the country as leaving will be. I hear what the man says but a few years of economic downturn might be worth it if we can stop something that will change the country even more. Luckily my polling station is in my local pub so a few refreshments before voting will help me decide.

    • telescoper Says:

      I have been worried about TTIP in its draft form, but it will not pass. Several countries have said they will veto. Also the stated threat to NHS is bollocks as public health matters are ring-fenced.

      It’s up to you, but TTIP does not yet exist. Nor does Turkey accession. Now EU army. All if these we have a veto over. Why leave now because of such things when they can’t happen without our approval anyway?

      • Michael Kenyon Says:

        I’m only worried about TTIP, that’s my only concern.I just have a huge fear that a lot of the right wing European countries will vote for it and it could change this country even more than leaving, of course the UK might sign TTIP independently but we could always vote them out. I will have all day tomorrow to check the veto thing with it.

        The thing this video reveals is just how little politicians have told us about the EU, they’ve never bothered to explain it all properly, I suppose we all have to take blame for our collective ignorance.

        A few drinks will reveal all though I’m fairly sure it will be a Remain vote. Let’s hope the politicians take note of the closeness of the result rather than continue to take us for granted.

      • telescoper Says:

        I agree on your last point. The campaigns on both sides have been dire. Cameron has always had the problem that he can’t make the obvious argument, that our country’s problems are not the fault of the EU but the fault of our shitty domestic government.

  2. Michael Kenyon Says:

    After a bit of googling I’m going to vote remain as I think that is the best way to stop TTIP, as it seems the Tories would get it through if we left. Corbyn would stop it but doubt he’d get elected. Stay in, change things and you would have to be insane, or getting a rather large backhander, to sign us up for TTIP. Mind made up, will enjoy the pre vote drink more now 🙂

  3. Vote remain, then vote for Labour under Corbyn. Corbyn would veto TTIP, but as Peter says, other countries would also.

  4. telescoper Says:

    I think the PM has no choice but to activate Article 50 if the referendum goes that way. On the other hand any legislation needed to effect the UK’s withdrawal from the EU would have to be passed by Parliament, and a majority of MPs across parties are in favour of Remain. I honestly have no idea what would happen if they voted down any BrExit bills.

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